Sin, in the Second City

Welcome back all.  After a six-month hiatus, if you will, I think that I’ve rekindled enough interest, and time, to start this blogging thing again.  I haven’t the foggiest idea why people keep weblogs, or why still others read them, but hey, maybe it’s therapeutic.  They’re still saying it’s the future of media, which is my passion (after writing, that is).  So, here goes.

It’s a Monday night.  The evening is still, and overcast — just the way I love it.  The starkness of dusk gives me the impetus to write.  The moon is already making its crossing of the night sky, and is full.  The Frank Miller movie Sin City is finally out on DVD.  I must have watched it three times already in just the past week.  In total darkness, of course.  For some reason, or myriad reasons, I closely identify with this film … on any number of levels.  Hmmm…

I’ve taken up the occasional cigar, and remarkably, they taste good.  Thing is, lately I feel like I’m looking for occasions.  My nephew is on his way to Iraq, so of course I’m more pissed off at George Bush and his “administration” than I’ve ever been.  I might feel better about it if he’d sent his own two daughters to war along with the thousands of young, mostly people of color that he’s sent to their deaths.  Next lifetime, perhaps.  But likely not.

Oh well, laundry beckons, as does my clogged and dripping kitchen sink.  I’ll check you all out later.  Blessings.

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