Give Them Their Flowers…

I learned of the death of yet another friend from my college days, this week.  Her name was Bonnie Angus, and she was one of those remarkable, unforgettable people who pass through our lives, but that we somehow don’t do the best job of staying in touch with.  Why, I don’t know, other than that life happens.  We were mutually attracted to one another, and wrote letters back and forth for a time after I finished my undergraduate studies at Grambling.  She was a bit younger than I, but we fancied ourselves as soul mates who would connect some day, somewhere.  A missed letter here and there, a gap in phoning, and before you know it years have passed.

It seems that after we dropped out of contact, Bonnie married some black idiot who pressured her into bearing a child for him–knowing full well that she was frail, and that doctors had long warned her that a pregnancy could imperil her health.  She had the baby, and an aneurism six months later which killed her.  Yes, I’ve been out of contact with Bonnie, but even so nothing has saddened me this much since my grandfather’s passing.  If you have someone that you can call a friend, pick up the telephone and give them a call, stop by or simply craft an e-mail and check on them.  If you have someone that you love, especially family members, tell them so the first and every chance you get…while you can.  Give them their flowers while they live.

Be at peace, Bonnie.

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