Freezing Reign, Night Thunder

It’s an ungodly hour, and I’ve just awakened from sleeping in some awkwardly sideways (I guess) position on the sofa.  As I study the stark scene just outside my wndow, I marvel that there’s such a serenity to the look of the city at night–especially tonight.  An ice storm is passing through downtown Chicago, rife with snow, freezing rain, thunder and wind–all at the same time.  The sound is like shards of glass is falling from the night sky, tempered by muted flashes of light from intermittent clashes of lightning.  This may be considered anything but normal, but I love inclement weather.  Always have.  The trees are straining under the weight of the ice, their branches on the verge of breaking, while the wind, the snow and cold wetness conspire to keep the streets clear.  Nature, in all her strength and beauty, is showing off a bit.  She looks good doing it. 

Indeed, this seems one good morning, and time for bed. 


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